Sounding the alarm on school shootings.

  • Since 1970, more than 2032 school shootings have occured.
  • In 2022, we reached a record high of 250 school shootings in one year.
  • School shootings have killed 637 individuals and injured 1734 people.

How SIREN Works


SIREN detects the gunshot using our novel machine learning algorithm and compact, custom designed case.


SIREN alerts law enforcement, students, faculty, administrators, and parents within 5 seconds through automated calls and SMS text messages.


SIREN protects students and teachers from getting hurt with real-time mapping of the suspect's location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just a theory?

No. We developed a physical prototype and machine learning model with a 99.3% accuracy rate. The prototype has been proven to work with our validation sets and experiments, so we're currently developing a second one that would be able to be mass-produced at large.

Who built this?

SIREN was developed by a team of four high school students. The team decided to create SIREN after noticing how pervasive school shootings have become in America, and wanted to use their technical knowledge for social good.

Is this safe?

We use non-intrusive technology that only aims to protect school communities. Our gathered audio data is not stored, as it takes less than a second for our AI model to detect a gunshot.

How is SIREN better?

We understand that schools currently have to choose between ineffective, invasive, and expensive security systems. SIREN solves just that and is the first product to streamline gunshot detection and an alterts pipeline to communicate with law enforcement and school community.

Made with ❤ by the SIREN Team