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Rebecca Wang

Rebecca is a high school rising senior, interested in AI and software engineering. She has fostered this passion through participating in summer research programs at Stanford's AI Lab, UC San Diego, and UC Santa Cruz, where she worked on autonomous systems. She also founded Hydra Hacks, a hackathon focused on diversifying tech. Rebecca's work with Hydra Hacks has been recognized by Girls Who Code and NCWIT.

Caitlin Nguyen

Caitlin Nguyen is a rising senior in high school who is deeply passionate about STEM. She has been a part of a six-year STEM program in Silicon Valley since 7th grade, and has gained expertise in CAD, hardware, and the engineering process through four years of robotics competitions and Synopsys Science Fairs. In addition to pursuing her own academic interests, Caitlin is dedicated to promoting STEM to underserved communities, and currently leads the Service Learning and Mentoring Program which provides STEM opportunities to elementary school students through a 14-week course.

Audrey Wang

Audrey is a high school rising senior coder and mental health advocate, driven to harness her skills in technology for social change. She has been recognized as the youngest 2022 Bay Area Inno Under 25 recipient and is an Apple WWDC22 scholar through building her app, Theia, which encourages the user to explore synesthesia. She serves as a youth advisor to Common Sense's Youth Advisory Council and the Technology & Adolescent Wellness Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her work has also been recognized by Apple, Patch, Medium, and Point of Light.

Swarnya Srivastava

Swarnya Srivastava is a rising senior at Monta Vista high school with an interest in computer science, specifically web development and data science. Besides SIREN, she is passionate about affordable housing and is involved with the YIMBY movement. Swarnya likes to participate in various computer science competitions and organize hackathons. She serves as a part-time coding instructor at theCoderSchool and has been recognized by NCWIT for her passion in STEM. Swarnya is part various female computer science programs including Kode With Klossy, AI4ALL, and Girls Who Code.

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